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Ruby + Watir

Ruby is a very easy to understand program language which you barely need since you’ll make use of gems (Ruby’s Libraries). Watir is a gem for Ruby which allows you to control the browser and is basically Selenium + some additional stuff. These two go very well hand in hand with Cucumber and RSpec.


I’ll cover this combination in a presentation which I’ll put here soon.

Installation on Windows

Download and install the latest from During the installation mark all checkboxes (especially PATH & Devkit).


  • gem install update
  • gem install upgrade

Validate installed version

Open a command prompt and type ruby --version
When installed correctly you get something like ruby....

Basic Ruby commands

Learn some Ruby basics in 20 min.


Watir is a gem for Ruby which focus is browser automation. A Ruby gem can be described as a plugin or library. Meaning, if you don’t use it, you could still do browser automation. But sooner or later you will write functions/classes/methods that are already available in Watir.

Install Watir

Open a command prompt and type gem install 'watir'
Thats all, you are ready to go!


For using Watir I’ll add some exampls soon. In the meantime check the website