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Retro games projects

Let’s start with the fact I’m a huge fan of the old 8-bit NES (a.k.a. toaster).
My parents would never buy a game console for me, but some friends had one so they could not keep me away from it. Therefore they did allow me to purchase one from my own money. This was all the money I owned as a kid so I was super careful with it. Even up to today it still works, but to be honest these things are hard to break.


At some point in time I wanted to collect the games I used to rent from the video store. So I made a list and it came down to about 100 NES games. My collection started small and only collect what I’ve played. These days it’s not just NES, but it is still my main collection.


8-bit Nintendo (NES)

16-bit Nintendo (SNES)

64-bit Nintendo (N64)

Nintendo GameCube (GC)

Nintendo Wii (Wii)

Nintendo WiiU (WiiU)

Nintendo Switch (Switch)


Gameboy (GB)

Gameboy Color (GBC)

Gameboy pocket

Gameboy micro

Gameboy Advance

Gameboy DS

Gameboy DS Lite

Gameboy 2DS

Gameboy 3DS

Gameboy 3DS XL

Atari Lynx


On any computer you can install an emulator and play some retro games. And even thought it’s not the real deal, it’s a lot of fun. Below will follow more information on Retropi and the whole setup once I have the time to write this all down. For now ask the internet ;)