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PiCamera & Motion

PiCamera & Motion

For my seagull chase project (see electronics section, work in progress). I wanted to upgrade this electronic project with some raspberry pi awesomeness. The first thing I need for this is a camera.


If you just want to use the picamera the setup is simple.

Install Picamera

  • Enable the camera via the menu in the desktop.
  • Or via the terminal with sudo raspi-config and enable the camera module.
  • Install Picamera via the Raspbian instruction page

Use Picamera

  • Test making a photo: raspistill -o image.jpg
  • Test making a video: raspivid -o video.h264 -t 10000


If you need to monitor multiple camera’s, it might be worth looking into MotionEye. The manual I’m using the is from ccrisan’s motioneye github page. Not to be confused with MotioneyeOS, which is an entire OS focussed on running Motioneye. For installing MotionEye, read the ‘(Install On Raspbian)[]’ guide on Git.