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The NES-PC is nothing more than a NES converted into a PC. It was a time consuming but fun project.

Youtube videos

So far I only managed to upload one video see this link I have more footage, but just no time to edit.
Below my explanation in text so I could at least share a bit more info.


Years ago I stumbled onto an old tv show where they converted a NES into a NES-PC (with Windows 95 and the name was different).
That was the moment I started to look into micro ATX mainboards so I could build one myself.
It took me in total a full year to figure out which parts I needed, order them, meassure everything, constructing and finally closing the top lid and have a “finished” product.

Where to start

Start with a broken NES or at least make sure the original NES hardware is sold/given to someone that can use/fix it. Second thing you need to do is make a plan. If you just start you might end up with some half assed results, so take these tips into consideration.

Project plan

Things to consider putting in your plan or at least to think about before you start.



  • On which parts of the case are you willing to make holes/cuts?
    ** Consider heath flow, and all connections you might need to use
  • Convert the controller ports or replace the controller ports for USB?
  • DVD player internal or external (if needed at all)?
  • Where to buy all parts?
  • How to construct all parts?
    ** Soldering/glueing/taping/cable management
  • Repeat meassuring!
  • Are there any moving parts I need to consider?
  • Can you try out the system before putting it together?
  • Keyboard and mouse needed when closed?
  • Emulation only or multimedia rig?

After seeying some of the ugly cut-outs from other videos, I knew I wanted to copy WesM. His build looked awesome. So I had one golden rule for myself. Keep everything as original as possible.

Buy parts

Meassure up front as much as possible, but I really recommend buying the mainboard first before all else. And take your time in researching which mainboard to take. Consider heatflow, consider sticking out parts, does it fit within the NES shell, connections, etc. After you received the board check if everything will work out as you think it will. You should have a clear view what you want to build now and what is and is not possible. I used for most of my parts, or use our Chinese friend AliExpress.

Power and reset button

Easy to convert

Cutting the shell

Now comes a tricky part which I did in many small phases, cutting the shell. Keep as many as possible parts to screw back the top plate in the end. Only remove what is really needed to be removed. don’t rush this step. Making the cuts as nice and clean as possible from the start will pay off in the end result. Rather adding another day of finetuning the cuts then to have an ugly end result.

Controller ports

Convert to usb or replace with usb

Tools needed

List of all tools I used

  • Screwdriver x
  • Soldering iron
  • Glue gun
  • electricity tape
  • Cutters
  • Dremmel

Material used

List of materials used

  • Broken NES or donor shell
  • Micro ITX mainboard
  • Fan/s
  • Schroefdraad en bouten
  • Electrical tape
  • Glue
  • Soldermaterial
  • Wires or custom make them
  • Usb/hdmi connectors
  • Nes to usb controlller converter board

More details will follow later.